Charity and Community

We believe that when people help people, good things happen. That's why we work with partners and initiatives in our local communities. It's one way we can be there for you when it matters the most.

Making a real difference

Take a look at some of the fantastic things we've been doing to support charities and communities.

Leeds Rhinos

Our partnership with Leeds Rhinos keeps us close to community roots in our home city.

Over 140 years ago a group of people got together and came up with a way for working people to buy their own homes, and with that Leeds Building Society was formed. Not long after, and in the same city, another group of people got together for a friendly game of rugby. And so Leeds Rhinos began.

Just like us, Leeds Rhinos have built a great history in Leeds - their record breaking eight time win of the Super League is really something to shout about. We also share a lot of the same values. Our partnership is a real testament to this, keeping us exactly where we want to be - at the heart of local communities.

A drawing of a family outside a house

Dementia UK

Together, we’re bringing dementia care closer to home

Dementia UK is our official charity partner. We’re helping them go the extra mile, bringing dementia care to communities across the UK.

By 2025 it’s estimated there will be over 1 million people living with dementia in the UK. Together with Dementia UK we’re helping families face the challenges of tomorrow with confidence.

We launched our partnership in April 2020 with a £25,000 donation, to help the charity continue to care for those who need it most. From May 2021, all of the money we raise will fund Closer to Home, a unique dementia support service.

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Children helped out by Leeds Building Society volunteers

Leeds Building Society Foundation

Since 1999 the Foundation has donated £1.8m to over 2,600 local projects and good causes across the UK.

The Foundation aims to relieve suffering, hardship or poverty by providing funding for practical items that support people in need.

The Foundation is partly funded by the Your Interest in Theirs scheme. Through the scheme our members can donate the pence amount of interest earned each year through their savings accounts to charity. The amount raised is split equally between the Foundation and our current charity partner.

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